Grandpa’s Birthday

Today I celebrated my grandpa’s 70th birthday with my parents, youngest sister, uncle, aunt, three cousins, grandma, and of course the birthday boy, my grandpa. His birthday is actually tomorrow but it would be difficult getting together on a Sunday when all the kids have school on Monday. We celebrated at my aunt and uncle’s house. They prepared a big meal, but since I’m on the Nutrisystem Diet I decided not to eat with them. I did end up having a few pieces of delicious medium rare steak. I would have loved to have had the baked beans, sweet potato, and ribs too but I held back. Unfortunately I couldn’t resist the ice cream cake that came out later though, so I had a piece of that. It was pure heaven.
After supper a discussion began about politics and how much Obama is hated. I sat back and listened but I really don’t care about politics. All in all it was a good day.