I love my new job. It’s flexible and I love that because I can work whenever, go places whenever, be there for friends and family when they need me whenever. I love that it pays well, especially considering it’s the best that I have been paid in my 10 years of employment. I can work from home while watching tv or listening to music and I would have to say that is one of the best perks. I can start to pay off my large pile of debt with the money from this job, which makes me love it even more. Not to mention the fact that I can work as many hours as I want, just another way to pay off more bills.

Although there are many good things about my job, I wonder if the good things are bad. I wonder if I’m trying to work myself too hard, too much, to earn even more money so I can pay more things off, or buy the few “treats” I let myself buy. I don’t want to miss opportunities to see things. I don’t want to miss time with my friends and siblings. I don’t want to not allow myself to enjoy some time away from work, playing a game or just not working. I feel like, because I can work as much as I want, that I have to work as much as possible. Anytime I’m at home, I’m working. I feel like I shouldn’t take myself away from work to sit in a warm bath, or sometimes even to clean my apartment. I just can’t see a way to know when it’s too much. I just want so badly to be debt free (minus student loans). That feeling would be so wonderful, but what if I can’t enjoy it because I’ve overworked myself? How do I find answers?